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Where are shifts available?

A common question is about the availability of shifts and work in social care. OUTT currently focuses on Central London and the wider Greater London area, but we are expanding rapidly across the UK constantly, so register your interest now.

    Demand is growing rapidly and we are limiting initial support worker registrations. By registering now, at no cost to you, OUTT offers the increased incentive to get a head start with employer reviews and earn cash back for every shift you work.

    Read more FAQs here

    If you are a social care worker in any sub-sector, then register now and get started. Our friendly technology will enable you to manage the process and accepting social care shifts when you are ready.


    What Sectors of Care?

    The term Support Worker means many things to many people and Social Care is a wide, varied and essential sector, highlighted massively during the Covid-19 pandemic and well deserved key worker status that we received.

    This is one of the reasons we launched OUTT as key workers deserve more respect. Ditch the agency and take control, manage your own schedule, pay rates, when and where you work!

    OUTT was designed to put you back in control. Take control of when and where you work, all you need is a little experience and the right to work in the UK, the rest is just paperwork!

    Employers will be looking for candidates to cover shifts in multiple care sectors across London and the UK including:

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    Super Fast Registration

    With so many people now looking for a fast route back to work and experienced social care staff looking for more choice, OUTT has developed a super fast registration process that puts you in control.

    Start the process, upload your details and documents online into our secure servers. A simple stepwise process will glide you with the minimum of fuss. And our support team will always be on hand to help, when needed.



    Is your social care training out of date? No problem, OUTT has a fully functional social care training academy to allow you to get up to speed, or top up your accreditation without delay.

    Ensuring our social care candidates are fully trained and care compliant for each speciality is essential to us and legally binding for your employers. We take it very seriously, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Register for social care shifts today and find out more about our slick training courses that you can take anytime.


    Social Care Jobs

    Jobs in social care are either through an employer or social care temporary agency. Now you can take full control of your life and work direct with the employer.

    Work when and where you like, without any pressure and easily make choices from your mobile phone.


    Social Technology

    We’ve put together technology that will help you get to work in social care super fast!

    Once registered you will receive shift offers that match your availability, location, skills and competencies.

    Plus manage your work and pay history, plan your future work and even review employers and work locations.

    Benefits of Working With OUTT

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    Fast Registration

    Using the latest social technology you can be ready to work in days. The whole process has been revamped using social technology to make life easier. Uploads, photos, documents can all be uploaded from your phone. Final interviews too, its sooo easy.

    Easy To Use

    The team has accumulated a massive 100 years experience (seriously) in social care and recruitment. All this knowledge has been wrapped up into a super smart phone app, so you can manage your social care career, shifts, training and pay.

    Pay – When You Want

    You have worked hard to earn it, meaning once a shift is confirmed as completed you can draw down on your pay! OUTT still has weekly payroll so you can keep track, but there is no more waiting for pay day. Every shift is pay day!

    Work – When You Want

    Literally pick and choose where and when you work. Designed so you can work around other jobs, all essential family and your commitments. Simply jump in on the mobile app and look for social care shifts near you!

    Free Registration

    Why would anyone charge for you to work with them? We have never understood this!

    Free Training

    We have an amazing training academy with a growing platform of courses and topics. Some  courses are essential, but if you are an active candidate, then you have help yourself to new areas too!

    Cash back funds

    The more you work, the more you earn! Earn cashback for every shift to spend on workwear, PPE and CPD accredited training courses.

    Pension & Holiday Pay

    We take this seriously and so should you. As an employee you will receive a work based pension and accrue holiday pay as standard.

    Refer A Friend **

    This a massive right now as we expand. Simply refer a friend to us and receive up to £100* when they register. Check this out!

    Choice & Control

    Ultimately this is what it’s all about! You choose everything…
    Are you ready to to ditch the agency and take back control? It’s your life, live it!

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    Employers – it’s time!

    About OUTT

    Born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the founders with a cumulative 100 years experience in social care, recruitment and technology decided that rapid action was needed to fix a problem. Too long had outdated processes been attached to social care (the unloved sector), until now! Now we are key workers, essential workers, important and clapped by the nation.

    We are constantly recruiting, with a growing workforce of employed social care workers joining the compliant team. We are a mixture of technology (the front end) and people (the back end) who make sure everything runs smoothly. 

    The social care recruitment platform is currently live for candidates in a wide variety of social care sub-sectors including mental health, homeless support, learning disabilities, supported living, complex needs and home care. We understand the social care staffing shortage is real, right now. That’s why we developed a quick and easy way for candidates to join the team and get out to work, post 2020 lockdown. 

    Register with us now and our employer support team will guide you through the simple process.

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    So What’s Different?

    It might be easier to say ‘EVERYTHING’, we’ve spun temporary and permanent social care recruitment on it’s head and wanted to provide a social care service using the best of technology and people. Our social tech allows you to reach out directly to social care candidates for temporary shifts, rotas and even permanent job offers.

    Manage a bank of regular social care candidates direct from your computer or phone, easily make offers for open shifts, view candidate ratings and choose the best fit for your organisation. You will have full access to live compliance documents and social care candidate profiles and have reassurance that all candidates are trained, compliant and a great fit to your requirements.

    Ultimately you post your last minute shifts or rota and find great candidates (we are always available to help you 24/7). You deal direct with the social care candidate who will receive all information about the job direct to the phone when they accept. It’s so easy and simple, plus the team are available 24/7 in support.

    When a shift is complete, simply sign the candidates phone which stamps the times and geo-location (other approval options are available) and the invoice is raised and candidate paid. Plus you can rate the candidate for essential skills, competencies and general attitude.

    All the social care candidates are fully compliant and PAYE employees of OUTT, giving you full reassurance.


    We have a corporate mantra that compliance has no excuses!

    Before a candidate is approved for work we complete a wide range of automated and manual checks to prove identity and ensure right to work in the UK, police checks (DBS), work history and references, training and competency. All relevant documentation is available to you when a shift offer is accepted by the candidate.

    All our candidates are full PAYE employees (no IR35 issues here!) and our charge rates will include auto-enrolment, holiday pay, national insurance, apprenticeship levy and VAT, if appropriate.

    Annual training and checks are mandatory, meaning that candidates with out of date training or compliance will automatically be unavailable active shifts.

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    Next Steps

    If you are ready to take the next step and find new ways to easily fill last minute shifts, care rotas and even permanent vacancies, then register with OUTT today.

    Then our team will work with you make the process as efficient as possible as help you build up local banks of social care candidates that you can trust and rely on.

    Remember just like social care, we are available 24/7 to support you! It’s time to make a change and take control of your temporary recruitment.

    OUTT Social Care Story

    OUTT was conceived from the Coronavirus pandemic, to provide the UK a rapid route back to work, with our super fast registration technology. Registering with OUTT provides experienced social care candidates the opportunity to build an employer review base and take full control of where and when they work. It's your life, live it!