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Born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the founders with a cumulative 100 years experience in social care, recruitment and technology decided that rapid action was needed to fix a problem. Too long had outdated processes been attached to social care (the unloved sector), until now! Now we are key workers, essential workers, important and clapped by the nation.

We are constantly recruiting, with a growing workforce of employed social care workers joining the compliant team. We are a mixture of technology (the front end) and people (the back end) who make sure everything runs smoothly. With true 24/7 support.

The social care marketplace is currently live for candidates in a wide variety of social care sub-sectors including mental health, homeless support, learning disabilities, supported living, complex needs and home care. We understand the social care staffing shortage is real, and expected to triple in the coming years. That’s why we developed a quick and easy way for candidates to join the team and get out to work.

Register with us now and our employer support team will guide you through the simple process. We are still at an early stage, meaning you can help shape our service to suit you!

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So What’s Different?

It might be easier to say ‘EVERYTHING’, we’ve spun temporary and permanent social care recruitment on it’s head and wanted to provide a social care service using the best of technology and people. Our social tech allows you to reach out directly to social care candidates for temporary shifts, rotas and even permanent job offers.

Manage a bank of regular social care candidates direct from your computer or phone, easily make offers for open shifts, view candidate ratings and choose the best fit for your organisation. You will have full access to live compliance documents and social care candidate profiles and have reassurance that all candidates are trained, compliant and a great fit to your requirements.

Ultimately you post your last minute shifts or rota and find great candidates (we are always available to help you 24/7). You deal direct with the social care candidate who will receive all information about the job direct to the phone when they accept. It’s so easy and simple, plus the team are available 24/7 in support.

When a shift is complete, simply sign the candidates phone which authorises the timesheet and adds geo-location (other approval options are available), the invoice is raised and candidate gets paid. Plus you can review the candidate for essential skills, competencies and their general attitude.

All our social care candidates are trained, fully compliant and PAYE employees of OUTT, giving you full reassurance.


We have a corporate mantra, compliance has no excuses!

Before a candidate is approved for work we complete a wide range of automated and manual checks to prove identity and ensure right to work in the UK, police checks (DBS), work history and references, training and competency. All relevant documentation is available to you when a shift offer is accepted by the candidate.

All our candidates are full PAYE employees (no IR35 issues here!) and our charge rates will include auto-enrolment, holiday pay, national insurance, apprenticeship levy and VAT (if appropriate).

Annual training and checks are mandatory, meaning that candidates with out of date training or compliance will automatically be unavailable active shifts.

A better deal for social care

We are an ethical employer! Outt.com has arrived to mix things up somewhat, with the ultimate aim to offer social care workers a better deal when working in temporary assignments. That means they will be happier in their work and you will find the candidates you need for the job!

Also we have devised a growing range of tools to support social care employers when engaging with traditional care agencies.

This includes:

  1. Agency audit tools
  2. IR35 calculator
  3. Agency charge rate calculator
  4. Transitional consultancy and support
care recruitment agency

Next Steps

If you are ready to take the next step and find new ways to easily fill last minute shifts, care rotas and even permanent vacancies, then register with OUTT today.

Then our team will work with you make the process as efficient as possible as help you build up local banks of social care candidates that you can trust and rely on.

Remember just like social care, we are available 24/7 to support you! It’s time to make a change and take control of your temporary recruitment.

Call us, send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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