Supported Living Social Care Job Vacancies

Join the OUTT team as a social care professional, with at least six months of experience in supported living – and transform your career with a fantastic team, amazing job benefits, and competitive rates of pay from the top supported living employers in London!

We’re all about acknowledging how valuable supported living professionals are, and recognising the skill sets that make such a profound difference to the lives of the people you work with.

As so many supported living agency workers face significant changes in 2021 with IR35, OUTT offers a fantastic solution, with fully compliant employment, full PAYE benefits, and the best perks you’ll find on the UK social care worker jobs market!

Supported Living Social Care Job Requirements:

  • Good experience of at least six months in UK supported living placements.
  • Passionate, caring and skilled social care workers.
  • Dynamic and enthusiastic candidates who want to join us in revolutionising how social care shift work is managed!
  • Supported living care workers looking for flexible working, control over your shifts, and excellent rates of pay.
  • Specialist supported living workers across a range of skill sets.
  • Organised applicants who can manage their timesheet submissions, shift applications and skills CV via the OUTT digital app.

With such a wide range of employers looking for social care workers through OUTT, we can consider applicants from across the supported living spectrum, whether you’ve worked in the community, in outreach roles, through temporary agent shifts, or in dedicated supported living facilities.

Check out the OUTT platform to learn more about what skills we’re looking for – or register today, and get started browsing the top job opportunities in London!

Job Benefits on Offer for OUTT Supported Living Care Workers:

  • Hourly pay rates, fixed before you start any shift – from £10 per hour!
  • Full control over what shifts you’d like to work, where you’re prepared to travel, and what rates of pay you are happy to accept.
  • Massive range of London social care employers to choose from.
  • Complete PAYE support and employment benefits, managed by the OUTT team.
  • Vacancies for supported living workers at every stage of their careers.
  • FREE skills training and accreditations, exclusively for Outters.
  • Flexible working, chosen by you – whether you’re full-time, part-time, or just you time!
  • Digital app to manage all your timesheets, applications, shift acceptances and employer reviews (you will get access to the app once the registration process is completed).

Register today as an early access candidate, and you’ll get immediate job opportunities, and start building a professional portfolio with a digital platform at the cutting edge of social care recruitment!


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London Vacancies – Support Workers in Learning Disabilities

Are you passionate about your job, skilled in supporting people with learning difficulties, and want to enhance your career opportunities with a dynamic team of forward-thinking social care experts?

If you have over six months of UK experience, we’d love to invite you to apply for a role with OUTT! We are the new, future-proof recruitment organisation bringing a new way of thinking to London social care employers; and all structured around your employment benefits!

The OUTT team is backed by InnovateUK and offers a contemporary agency alternative for learning disability care workers, with great rates of pay, a raft of superb job benefits, and the backing of full PAYE employment for long-term job security.

Learning Disability Social Care Job Requirements:

  • Social care vacancies for 5,000 skilled candidates in 2021.
  • Learning disability care workers across London in a range of care settings.
  • Minimum of six months of UK social care experience.
  • Professional support workers who are passionate about working with learning disabilities.
  • Creative social care workers looking to progress and move forward with their career.
  • Existing, new or learning disability professionals returning to the sector.


Candidates who register now get all the benefits of being an early access applicant! That means you get to build up employer reviews, develop a professional skills portfolio, and have complete access to FREE training to refresh or build on your existing certifications.

OUTT offers a complete PAYE service, meaning you get the flexibility and control of an agency, with better rates of pay, better control over what shifts you’d like to work, and better support from an incredible team!

Job Benefits on Offer for OUTT Learning Disability Support Workers:

  • Competitive pay rates, depending on the placement and experience from £10 per hour as a minimum!
  • The choice between shifts, roles, placements and settings, all available to apply for via the OUTT mobile app (you will get access to the app once the registration process is completed).
  • Varied work, with a refreshing balance of employers and learning disability roles.
  • Full PAYE employment benefits, managed directly by the OUTT team.
  • Ability to build up employer reviews and a professional portfolio for the first choice on the top jobs!
  • Complimentary training to help you refresh, upgrade, or build up your skills base.
  • Decide where, when, and how you’d like to work – and when you’d like to be paid!
  • Manage all your shifts, applications and timesheets online (we’re doing away with paper waste and time-consuming form filling!).

Register as an OUTT learning disabilities social care worker today, and take back ownership of your career, with the best employment opportunities in London.


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Registrations are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Please add your details below if you wish to be added to our waiting list.

Homelessness Support Care Worker Vacancies

Working as a homelessness care worker? Have at least six months of UK experience? We’re going to make such a fantastic partnership…!

OUTT is looking for homelessness support workers, across a broad range of sectors and roles, to join our team of super carers. Fill the gap in demand for professional, compassionate and caring staff – who deserve some serious benefits for the vital role you play in helping people live healthy, supported lives!

Don’t think we’re just another agency; we’re something brand new. OUTT is after the best of the best care workers across London (and beyond!) who want to reignite their career opportunities and join our unique digital social care recruitment service.

Homelessness Social Care Job Requirements:

  • Vacancies for up to 5,000 social care work candidates looking to make 2021 their year.
  • Outstanding social care workers who want to take back control.
  • Carers who have six months+ in UK roles, and are ready for a change.
  • Applicants who’d not be sad about FREE skills training!
  • Casual, agency or temp workers who are looking for career profession.
  • New Outters who want to build up a review base and employer references.

Our platform isn’t just an excellent way to find shifts, well-paying roles and top-rated employers, but is there to help you progress in your social care career. Receive employer reviews, testimonials, and build up a portfolio to help you take the next steps!

The best bit? Register now, and as an early access candidate, you get first dibs on the best London homelessness support worker roles, plus FREE skills training to make sure you keep your skillset on point.

Job Benefits on Offer for OUTT Homelessness Social Care Roles:

  • Fair rates of pay, starting from £10 per hour minimum rate – with higher pay rates for experienced candidates!
  • Vetted employers offering roles, shifts and holiday cover across London.
  • Control over which shifts you want to accept, whether you are full-time, part-time, or just you time!
  • Digital management of timesheets all through the OUTT app (you will get access to the app once the registration process is completed).
  • Full PAYE benefits delivered directly from our team.
  • IR35 compliant employment, with an accredited social care organisation.
  • Choose how often you’d like to get paid – daily or weekly!
  • Access complimentary training and skills upgrades through our portal.

Visit OUTT today to get your registration started, and be at the front of the new recruitment platform for the modern social care sector!


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Registrations are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Please add your details below if you wish to be added to our waiting list.