Why Work for OUTT, What are the Benefits?

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This is all about working in social care.
Our social care clients have one main request, that you have 6 months minimum UK social care experience. This is because employers will want to know you can do the job and traceable experience counts, right!

This is your chance to be a part of new revolution in social care.

  • Dump the agency and work direct with employers for temporary shifts.
  • Or sign up and get compliant for quick turn around permanent roles. 
  • Choose when and where you work.
  • Work for OUTT as your main job, second job or every now and again!
  • Register exclusively online using our facial biometrics and right to work technology.
  • See all your shifts, timesheets and payroll direct from your mobile phone.

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Benefits of Working With ‘Outt’

Choice & Control

It's important to be in control! OUTT offers you social care shifts and allows you to choose when you work, where you work, who you want to work for and the hourly rate you are willing to accept.

Work - When You Want

OUTT has been designed to allow you to easily work around other jobs, family and commitments. Once registered, simply log in on your mobile, tablet or laptop and look for social care shifts near you!

Pay - When You Want

We don't believe in tradition when it comes to your money. If you have worked a social care shift that has been confirmed, then you can get paid. OUTT has weekly payroll, but you can access pay on your terms.


Pay Rates

Each pay rate is agreed when you accept the shift, but we suggest a minimum hourly rate of £10 up to £18 for experienced project workers. If it’s last minute or unsocial hours you can ask if the want to pay an uplift, straight from the app! If you don’t ask, you don’t get…

No Hidden Charges

NO Charges

This makes us cross! We don’t like charges, and neither should you. No hidden charges for training or payroll, just the essential tax and national insurance from any job. We even offer uniforms at cost price.

All our staff are fully employed under the HMRC PAYE scheme, with weekly payslips and everything.

Holiday Pay

Holiday Pay

Yes of course, holiday pay is essential and a legal right in the UK. Everyone needs a break, so your holiday pay will be accrued for every hour you work, by default, and you can withdraw as needed upon request to the payroll team. Simple and no questions asked.

Free Training

OUTT Academy

Training in social care is an essential and mandatory element of compliance. Making sure care workers are up to speed and aware of the basics, which makes it a mandatory, annual task. We have a growing range of courses for each speciality, you can even upskill using your development fund to pay for new courses and training.

To register you can upload recent training certificates, as long as they were taken within the last year. Or you can join the OUTT Academy and take online courses to add to your profile. At no cost to you!

Registration Checks

DBS & References

Checks are an essential part of our service and solution. The highest level of compliance provides employers the reassurance they need to trust OUTT and you! 

We will run DBS checks or use your update service. Plus references in line with current national recommendations, which is at least two professional references to cover a minimum working period.


6 Months Minimum UK Experience

Work experience is essential for employers as you will be required to hit the ground running, often in an unfamiliar setting. In these situations you will rely on your training and experience, employers will expect this from you.

6 months + UK related experience is the miminum standard, you can select your skill sets, competancies and experience, so that employers can search and find the best candidates for each shift.

Additional Info about Working for OUTT

Social care covers such a wide section of societal care and support. From roles in registered care establishments like care homes and nursing homes to working as a conceige at a homeless shelter. Both very different but essential roles.

Outt.com was developed in response to the Covid-19. We anticipated that employer demand for social care candidates would increase during and after the pandemic (it was already reported to be over 17% vacancy rate, which is over 100,000 in 2018-2019 and growing). With so many people self-isolating, this was putting extra strain on all services including mental health support, home care and care homes.

We identified clear solutions for the candidate and employer, a kind of win, win!

  • Help candidates get back to work quicker
    • Whether you are currently in a similar role or looking to get back into social care, Outt.com can help with a rapid registration process that puts you in control.
    • Provides social care candidates with control of where and when they work.
    • Allows candidates to choose how much they want to earn.
  • Support employers with a clear way to find the best candidate for the shift
    • A quick and easy process.
    • A fair price for all.
    • All information provided for an efficient compliance process.

The registration process to start a new social care job is really easy.
Simply start the process and complete the steps to being fully registered, it can be completed in 24 hours if you have all the required information.
What will you need?

  • Your basic details such as name and address.
  • Your recent work history and CV.
  • Reference details – we will need to receive back at least 2 recent employer and professional references.
  • Training certificates – if you don’t have them, you will get access to our social care training academy.
  • DBS certificate – upload your latest certificate or update service details.
  • Once your application is approved you will be on stage 2 – Right to work checks and contract.
  • Add your official ID for example passport or Identity card, plus a recent proof of address for facial biometrics.
  • Details for payroll, such as UK bank account and National Insurance number.
  • After final approval you can download the OUTT App to your phone.
  • Start accepting shifts and getting paid