Business Mondays Published November 9th, 2021

Outt.com, a social care jobs marketplace is raising funds using CrowdCube to launch an industry changing way for care professionals to work in the UK.

The Outt.com app will blend technology with real people at the end of the phone 24/7 with a mission to help care professionals get better pay, more flexibility and improved working rights.

CEO at Outt.com, Steve O’Brien, said, “The social care sector is in the middle of a staffing crisis, over the past 18 months our team has been developing new technology to provide a real solution. As a technology powered, people based business, we thought it appropriate to crowdfund our launch into the market, offering the very people we aim to help an opportunity and a chance to shape the business. This is a real chance to own shares in the business they work in and have a say in its future.

“We know how conventional care agencies work. We know how difficult it is because we’ve been there – and we know how many incredible social care professionals work crazy hours for low pay. This new online agency has been designed to support these workers who are the heart and soul of the care industry.

“Working with Outt.com will allow care professionals to choose the shifts they want to work at an agreed rate of pay and they can even choose when they get paid. Our ethos is about getting care professionals the pay and rights they deserve. The team at Outt.com continue to campaign on the behalf of care workers on the sleep-in pay debate, earning above minimum wage hourly rate, tax breaks for key workers and the flexibility to support a healthy work/life balance. At Outt.com we provide as much of this as possible, but want to ensure every care worker has access to improved rights and working conditions.”

In order to launch the app Outt.com is asking investors to support the initiative via CrowdCube. The CrowdCube platform is regulated by the FCA and supports beginners and experienced investors to buy shares from as little as £10 to support Outt.com launch the app into the care industry.