As the vaccination programmes roll out across the UK, it’s essential for all social care staff, in any role or position, to ensure they take up their frontline entitlement to receive a jab.

There are still millions of fantastic care workers working tirelessly in the community to support the most vulnerable, who have yet to protect themselves.

The programme’s scale has inevitably meant that GP services have missed out some social care staff who might be working right on the frontline.

In some cases, that may be because agency care workers and non-clinical staff, might not be flagged on databases as a frontline worker.

Yet, these critical employees have just as urgent a need to be vaccinated given the higher-risk workplace and the potential risk to vulnerable residents or patients.

OUTT would like to remind all of our brilliant candidates and applicants that they are first in line for a vaccine and should go right ahead and make an appointment at their earliest convenience!

Vaccine Eligibility – The Rollout Process for Care Workers

There has understandably been some confusion since the government guidelines advise to wait to be contacted before coming forward for vaccination.

This isn’t a case of any candidates or groups being overlooked, but more the unprecedented breadth of the task. With 28 million people now vaccinated (mar21), it’s a triumph for the NHS and yet a massive test on GPs and other primary care providers!

NHS guidance confirms that the following groups are immediately eligible for vaccination:

  • Carers who are the primary carer for a high-risk person.
  • Workers in care homes.
  • Frontline health workers – including clinical and non-clinical roles.
  • Frontline social care workers, including registered professionals, residential care workers and outreach staff working with patients in their homes.

All of these groups can book a vaccination slot at their nearest centre through a local pharmacy offering jabs or other NHS services in your local area.



How To Book a Care Worker COVID-19 Vaccination

If you fall into any of these groups and need to book yourself an appointment, you can:

  • Visit the NHS online booking system.
  • Select your nearest vaccination centre – that might be at a pop-up venue such as a community hall, at a local hospital, through a clinic, or at a pharmacy.
  • Choose from the dates and times available.

Note that you can book both vaccinations simultaneously and be allocated an appointment for your second dose, usually within 11-12 weeks.

Your appointment is confirmed by text message or email, and you can take this with you to evidence your booking.

Should you not have online access or have any problems with the service, you can call NHS England via 119, and they will make the booking for you. This phone service is available between 7 am and 11 pm, every day of the week.

You can also contact your GP practise if you can’t find any suitable vaccination appointments, and they may be able to assist.

Please don’t delay, and ensure you take up the opportunity to safeguard your health and that of your patients just as soon as possible!