Social care jobs are not often considered by careers advisors to be high-powered and dynamic professions, yet actually, those working in the industry will know that they absolutely are – just run on the basis of compassion, care and true connection rather than just job titles, salary bands and status. Care work is a competitive market, and is growing increasingly so as society begins to value the contribution healthcare professionals make to society, as well as to encourage and promote more to enter the industry through training and qualification; as well as a growing demand for services due to an ageing population and developments in medical technology.

Gone are the days when a care worker, healthcare professional or social carer could hand over a list of their experience and be immediately granted new jobs. Now, a social care CV is an essential part of the process and just as important as a CV in any other industry. Employers are looking for those who truly go ‘the extra mile’ and are able to demonstrate professional excellence, with checkable work history.

OUTT Teams Up With Wozber

OUTT believes in brilliance from its candidates and is committed to helping them grow and develop both professionally and personally. We know how tough it can be out there in the social care jobs market to get a decent wage, but we want you to succeed. So, we’ve put our money where our mouth is and teamed up with Wozber, CV building specialists who are experts in the modern job market. OUTT employees are able to access Wozber’s services completely for free to help them build a competitive and clever social care CV and command the best pay rates – through this unique link 

Tomas Slavinskas, Founder and CEO of Wozber said “We’re proud to partner with OUTT to empower social care professionals to tell their stories in a timeless manner, so they could spend more time helping the ones who need their help the most.”

Do I Need A Social Care CV?

Put simply: yes! A professional social care CV that details your qualifications, experience and some personal information is a mandatory requirement for social care jobs applications – including shifts with OUTT.

Providing comprehensive social care CV information for potential job candidates allows employers to check your work history and find the best fit for their job needs, as well as the culture, development prospects and all-round ‘feel’ of their organisation and roles.

CVs are required in every professional field, and whilst care work is sometimes thought of as the ‘poor cousin’ to other healthcare roles, it is just as important and so should be equated with the rest of the sector by meeting the same standards as healthcare jobs application processes.

What Are The Usual Pitfalls Of A Social Care CV?

Putting together a professional social care CV can be time consuming, and difficult – particularly for those who have never had to create one before and are already elbow deep in long shifts and demanding work!

As the demand and compliance increases for care work, so too will the amount of social care CVs that employers receive in response to advertising job opportunities. It’s imperative, therefore, that social care CVs are ‘optimised’. An optimised CV allows employers to learn all of the most important (and of course, impressive!) information on a candidate quickly and without having to read through reams and reams of text. Employers are busy people and with a pile of CVs on their desk, they’re often unable to give each their full attention to comprehensively and correctly rule it ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the running. However, even the most gifted CV writers often don’t know how to optimise them to ensure they stand a better chance of success.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Wozber?

A professional social care CV will stand you ahead of the competition and allow you to really take hold of and guide your career in the way you want to – eventually gaining full career empowerment! OUTT supports this fully and encourages all of their employees to work toward such a professional standing.

Wozber are experts in the recruitment field, so they understand what makes a social care CV stand out from the rest. Their guided process allows you to create a CV, optimise it AND tailor it exactly to each job you apply for, so that it’s relevant, appropriately-pitched and the perfect fit for the employer and the role you’re aiming at.

What’s more, access to Wozber is totally free! CVs can be created entirely confidentially without any data saved if you prefer, or you can access the services of one of Wozber’s expert staff to discuss your individual social care CV and career needs and wants.

OUTT continues to strive for professional and personal excellence amongst their candidates and this is another step in the journey of nurturing you there. Time to get CV building!

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