Returning to any career after some time away can feel massively daunting!

The world of social care has innovated and flexed in the past few months. As a result, there have been substantial employment drives to recruit experienced staff to help fill these vital vacancies.

OUTT.com has been leading this movement as a social care recruitment specialist, appointing thousands of trained care workers or new candidates.

Care work is an outstanding career opportunity, with demand and progression routes far above most other employment industries. It’s also an invaluable sector, in good times or bad, so it offers long-term job security that we all aspire to.

Still, knowing all the benefits and what you can do to kick-start your social care employment after a break are two different things!

We’ll provide some advice and resources available to refresh your skills, update your learning, and find fast-track employment options with immediate placements available.

How to Return to Social Care After a Short Pause

There are all sorts of reasons you might be looking into social care jobs – some of the typical scenarios include:

  • Having faced redundancy and looking for more stable employment.
  • Returning to the sector after years away in another career.
  • New candidates looking for care work as a first step on the career ladder.
  • Medical professionals seeking more flexible working opportunities.
  • Social care staff that have taken a break to raise children.

The best way to get back into the swing of things depends on how long that break has been.

If you’ve had a short hiatus, you’re likely in a great position to dive back in and can register with OUTT.com and start browsing through the shift vacancies immediately!

However, it’s also crucial to ensure you feel ready and aren’t concerned that policies or practices have changed.

Knowledge is power, so being prepared is ideal for making sure your new career path goes to plan.

Integrating Back to Social Care Through Support Roles

Should you want to ease yourself back in gently, there are all sorts of options.

Perhaps you’d like to consider different roles within a caring environment. Remember that your experience and skills are equally valuable across the sector, so you don’t necessarily need to work with direct patient care if you’d like some time to adjust.

There are thousands of vacancies in care work support staff, and if you’ve been away from social care doing a different job, you might have picked up some new knowledge that would make you a great fit.

To explore some of these options a little further, please visit OUTT.com.

We provide an overview of each type of social care work environment, with information about the kinds of roles available, such as:

Alternative social care jobs include catering staff, activities coordinators, administrative support, maintenance roles, and managers – so you’re not restricted to looking for vacancies in the specific position you filled before.

Ready to join OUTT?

Find social care shifts that you control!

Updating Social Care Employment Skills After a Career Break

Another common scenario is when a care professional has been away for some years.

There is more demand than ever for excellent social care workers, so don’t ever feel that because your skills are a little rusty, there won’t be hundreds of available placements.

We’ve touched on the need to have personal confidence in your abilities. Should you have been away from social care for several years, it can be worthwhile to access training to ensure you’re entirely up to speed with any changes in the interim.

OUTT.com offers full PAYE employment benefits, with the backing of a qualified team of social care recruiters – and the resources you need to get your certifications up to date.

The OUTT Academy is free of charge to all candidates, without a catch!

From our perspective, it makes sense! We offer free qualifications and accreditations across the board.

In return, we provide a pathway for experienced care workers to return to the sector where their skills are so vital and ensure they have great rewards and consistent pay rates, so it’s worth sticking around.


OUTT.com Free Social Care Training Courses

To clarify, we’re kind of like an agency, but better. Our candidates are paid a baseline minimum of £10 per hour for any role in any placement.

Candidates pick and choose their shifts, leave ratings for employers, and accumulate their testimonials and feedback to assist in ongoing career progression.

The Academy is packed with resources, recognised qualifications and training modules to ensure you have everything you need to step back into the world of social care. Courses available include:

  • Understanding Learning Disabilities for Social Care Professionals
  • Falls Prevention for Social Care Settings
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Information Governance (including GDPR)
  • COVID-19 Safety Awareness
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Mental Wellbeing at Work
  • Dementia Care
  • Understanding Mental Health Conditions

These are a snapshot of the skills hub courses available!

We also provide social care blogs and news updates covering everything from legislation changes to advice for safe working, government guidelines to improving your commute to work.

This learning Academy aims to support all social care professionals, including:

  • People returning to the workforce after long or short breaks.
  • Care workers looking to improve their skills.
  • Professionals seeking career development opportunities.
  • Those who would like to enhance their CV to find more flexible roles.
  • Staff that wish to build on their experience and gain new qualifications.

Whether you’ve been away from care work for years or have been a social care professional for a great deal of time, it is always beneficial to access free training resources and ensure you’re entirely up to date with sector guidance.

For more information about OUTT.com social care employment, our Academy, or any of the courses listed above, simply register online – and let’s get started!

Your social care career is under your control, so if you’d like to spend some time studying before you pick which vacancies you’d like to apply for, that’s up to you.

All OUTT.com training modules are available through any Internet-enabled device, offering total flexibility over how, when and where you decide to refresh your knowledge.