Health and social care jobs are amongst the most important roles in our society, but for too long social care workers have gone under-paid, under-recognised and under-appreciated. Healthcare employment agencies have for too long made profit their primary goal, causing those working in social care to be stuck working inflexible shifts, having to make difficult decisions to ensure the sufficient level of care required can always be delivered.

This is all about to change. Introducing OUTT.

What is OUTT?

OUTT is essentially a smartphone app designed for those looking to work social care shifts in Greater London (but is expanding country-wide very soon, so worth registering if you’re not currently London based). OUTT offers flexible shifts in various social care roles and settings direct to your phone.

Who is OUTT for?

OUTT is due to launch in the coming weeks and will be offering shifts to qualified and experienced social care workers in Greater London. Pre-registration is NOW OPEN, and the demand is rapidly growing. Social care workers in any sub-sector will be able to access shifts through OUTT.

OUTT covers and facilitates the working of last-minute ad hoc shifts, fixed-term contracts, rota work and permanent vacancies through our unique PAYE platform. And provides employers a safe and effective route to directly book shifts with candidates they get to know and love.

How is OUTT different to health and social care job agencies?

OUTT is super flexible and uses the latest app technology, so the app really works for you! It’s super fast to register, start the process and take control of your social care career. Plus there are many real benefits like daily pay options and the ability to grow a great relationship with your favourite employers.

OUTT literally lets you choose where and when you want to work, and for what rate of pay. All available shifts that match your profile, with full detail, will be available on the app and social care workers can select their shifts as they choose. This allows for flexibility around family commitments, other work, study and… life!

It’s completely free to register and work with OUTT – which for some reason is an anomaly in a sector where so any agencies charge their employees to get paid, err no thanks! But that’s not all, pay is flexible too! OUTT facilitates a weekly payroll with daily pay options, so you can choose to be paid whenever they like. Even a work-based pension and the accrual of holiday pay to draw on whenever you need is our standard.

OUTT is working only with employers who agree to pay their social care staff fairly, so role and level dependent, our minimum hourly rate sits at a minimum £10+ per hour (correct April 2020) and will rise in line with future minimum wage increases.

What’s more, each shift worked through OUTT results in cashback being paid into your own professional development scheme. This cashback, when accumulated, can be spent on things like PPE, professional training courses or CPD workshops – so you can learn as you earn and unlock the potential to earn more in the future!

Ready to join OUTT?

Find social care shifts that you control!

What’s the process to register with OUTT?

OUTT is currently open for pre-registration (with early registration benefits on offer), so you’ll be added to the list of expert care staff ready to work the second the app goes live! Register on the site and you’ll receive an automated email as well as regular updates as we move closer to ‘live date’.

Once the app is fully up and running, you’ll be asked to fill out personal and professional details so that we can supply you with roles and shifts that you’re qualified for and suit your preferences. Once fully registered, you can start accepting shifts and jobs as they are available.

The first 1,000 social care workers who pre-register for the app will receive exclusive benefits including professional development funding and early access to employer reviews (and everyone knows that good reviews = good business!).

What are you waiting for?

Pre-register with OUTT today and you can truly take control of your career in the health and social care sector!

Registering with OUTT provides experienced social care candidates the opportunity to build an employer review base and take full control of where and when they work. It’s your life, live it! Register with us now!