Senior care vacancies come up from time to time in some sectors of care, and when they do, they’re fiercely competed for.

If you’re applying for a senior care vacancy, now is the time to revamp your CV – and to tailor it exactly to the role you want to secure. OUTT has teamed with expert CV builders Wozber to help our employees flourish, and here are their top tips to get the senior care vacancy you’re submitting your CV for!

Stand Out

Competition for a senior care vacancy may be not just crowded, but also tough.

Make sure that whatever makes you different to other candidates is clear. Put these details on your CV and ensure that you clearly explain why it is important to the role you are applying for!

Map Out Your Suitability

All of your qualifications, experience and professional relevancy should be easy to read and presented upfront so that it’s easy to understand. This one page of A4 may be the only chance you get to sell your best features to the hiring manager, so ensure that a quick glance at your CV tells them exactly why you fit the role.

Tailor Your CV To The Job Description

One of the most common mistakes that people make when writing a CV (in all industries, not just healthcare!) is that they simply write out what they’ve done and what they’re good at – without considering just how relevant that is to the job they’re applying for.

Read and note down the key points from the job description of the vacancy you’re hoping to secure. Ensure that your relevance to any key points are clear. If there’s a requirement for your own vehicle, mark it down (preferably with a note about your clear driving licence). If there’s a desire for the successful candidate to be able to adapt quickly to changing situations, note down an example of you having done so. If the role involves learning new skills, demonstrate a time where you had to learn something different.

You don’t need to have done every single point on a job description to be successful in applying for it, but if there’s anything you’re unable to relate to, be honest: and show willingness to learn and adapt.

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Link To A Professional Online Presence

Link to your LinkedIn profile so that employers know they can look up your online CV for any more info on you, particularly references from colleagues and managers and skillsets. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your profile is up to date and looks good – so take some time to work on it.

Please bear in mind though: when an employer googles you, your LinkedIn may not be the only social media profile that pops up in the search results. Ensure that anything else public is non-offensive and non-controversial. This is a good opportunity to double check your privacy settings!

Format Well

Scrap the swirly fonts and stay strictly professional. A CV being submitted for a senior care vacancy should be smart, well-formatted, easy to read and appropriate. It should not be over one A4 page in length (there are some exceptions, but for the most part, they simply won’t be read), should contain only relevant information and must convey the professionalism that would be expected from a senior care worker. If you’re not a whiz at Microsoft Word or, indeed, at formatting, involve the experts – Use Wozber!

Wozber are the experts, and OUTT thoroughly recommends their services to all of their employees. They’re able to help you write, format and tailor your CV for every role you apply for; increasing your chances of new work, professional development and career growth every step of the way. What are you waiting for? Wozber that way forward!

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