Working in healthcare is an incredible career choice! Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to hop up onto the next rung of the ladder, we’ve got you!

Finding social care jobs in London can feel like a minefield. With so many different placements and career paths to choose from, let’s break it down to make your search for jobs just a bit less stressful…

What is Social Care?

As the name suggests, social care is all about caring for others. Now, more than ever, we all recognise how valuable our skilled healthcare workers are, making it an ideal time to get on board!

Social care jobs in London vary widely and include caring in sectors such as:

  • Children and early years
  • Mental health
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disability
  • Elderly and residential care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Community work and home care
  • Substance dependency
  • Homeless support

So to start with, think about what skills you have, and what kind of work you can see yourself enjoying.

Don’t worry if you’re not yet certain which sector you would prefer. We’ll take a look at different types of jobs, how social care shifts work, and how to choose the right healthcare career for you!

How Many
Social Care Workers are there in London?

Across the UK, the demand for social care staff continues to grow. Skills for Care report that adult social care posts have increased by 140,000 jobs!There are now around 1.62 million social care posts in the adult care sector – so there is no shortage of demand for your skills!

Of those, a whopping 232,000 care jobs are based in London.

What Skills are Required in Social Care?

If you already have a few qualifications in the bag, you probably have a good idea about what sort of job you’re looking for.

Not to worry if you don’t yet though, lots of employers provide training and on the job qualifications, and the main skills you need to be a great social care worker include:

  • The ability to communicate clearly
  • Patience and a willingness to learn
  • Being a great listener
  • Having great organisation skills

Now you know that a career in social care sounds right for you, what’s the best way to find social care jobs in London?

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The Best Resources to Find Social Jobs in London

One thing to bear in mind is that most jobs in the healthcare sector involve working social care shifts. Before spending lots of time on your job search, think what hours you can work, and how you plan to structure your career alongside other responsibilities.

Check out our top resources for finding social care work in the capital – you can even download a job search app to keep up to date with the latest vacancies as they pop up!

  1. OUTT

OUTT is a great place to find social care shifts. They have a free registration process, and once you sign up you will be connected directly with London employers who need staff quickly!

You can pick and choose which social care shifts you would like to work and maintain complete control over your career. The beauty is that OUTT only focuses on the social care industry, so you won’t find yourself flipping through irrelevant job matches.

  1. Indeed

If you’ve searched for a job before, you’ve probably heard of Indeed. This is an online advertising platform, where employers post their vacancies throughout the UK and across all job sectors. You can upload your CV, register for email alerts, and apply online for any jobs that catch your eye.

  1. Skills for Care

This resource is an amazing way to find information about the workforce, how many social care jobs there are in London, and what sort of pay grades you might be looking at. Skills for Care also publish some useful guidance to help you work out which qualifications are best for your chosen career, and support you in deciding what to do next!

4. Community Care Jobs

Our final recommended resource is another perfect way to find social care work. The site is dedicated to healthcare and allows you to filter by which sector you’d like to work in, location and the type of jobs you are looking for. Upload your CV, register for email alerts and stay on top of the game – who doesn’t want to be the first to know when your dream vacancy opens up!

We hope you find these resources useful, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the world of social care, and with so many career opportunities, it looks like an area of employment that is set to keep growing!

Registering with OUTT provides experienced social care candidates the opportunity to build an employer review base and take full control of where and when they work. It’s your life, live it! Register with us now!