Payroll Benefits of Working with OUTT.com

Payroll Benefits of Working with OUTT.com

We hear from hundreds of professional care workers who are often concerned from news reports about working through an agency. So, it seemed a great time to run through how OUTT.com works and the outstanding benefits on offer!

Before we get into the finer detail, it’s worth recapping that every OUTT.com candidate receives full PAYE benefits, paid directly through our payroll partners.

That means complete job security, NI contributions, accurate tax deductions, and compliance with all UK employment regulations.

Our role is to act as a fast-paced social care recruitment team that puts the needs of our quality carers as a top priority – and what better way to do so than through a massive range of unique payroll benefits!

The Advantages of OUTT.com PAYE Employment

First, we’ll explain how we make social care recruitment better, in every way possible.

We have identified a few of the most glaring problems with some traditional social care agencies:

  • Charging payroll fees to receive your income?
  • Waiting until the end of the month to receive your wages?
  • Reduced hourly income after agency fee deductions?
  • Paying extra costs for new employment options?

OUTT.com has scrapped every one of these outdated systems – because they don’t provide added value for either the care worker or their placements.

Instead, we created a more beneficial way for social care professionals to connect directly with employers.

It makes sense because care workers are in extremely high demand. Offering higher pay rates and more diverse placements is the only way to recognise the value of those skills.

In a nutshell, we offer the same kind of services as an agency, with added flexibility.

OUTT.com care workers can select shifts, choose their hourly rates, and leave feedback for employers.

The minimum pay rates are at least £10 per hour; there are no payroll charges, plus the option to get paid as often as you wish (even if that’s every day!).

Sound good? There’s more…

Free UK Social Care Training – Without a Catch!

Sure Outt.com is the new kid on the block, but when we felt we’d nailed it with our recruitment app and could see how seamless this makes life for social care employers and staff looking for full-time work, or the occasional shift, we turned our attention to skills.

As we’ve mentioned, care workers are in huge demand. The sector is underfunded, and the workforce has enormous skill shortages as agencies continue to pay low rates or employers offer the bare minimum or poor working conditions.

These practices drive away fantastic staff, who aren’t receiving the remuneration, recognition or support they need to do such a vital job.

What we’re really after is this:

  • A market-leading system where social care employers can instantly find qualified professionals for urgent shift cover or longer-term positions.
  • Care workers who earn great rates, can choose when they work and have complete control over their earnings, working hours, and placements.
  • Staff and employers who love their jobs – and know that when quality meets consistency, the magic starts to happen.

The end game is to transform the world of social care recruitment to ensure it’s a flexible career path for the future.

We feel that the best way to make that happen is to offer additional skills training or accreditations to help care professionals take the next step on the career ladder.

Thus, the OUTT.com Academy was born!

The platform allows every candidate to log in as and when they like, take training courses to bolster their knowledge and competencies, learn new things, or refresh their skills before returning to the social care workforce.

There is no catch, no subscription period, and no minimum qualification you need to become an OUTT.com care worker – the only requisite is that you have six months of employment experience in the sector.

Ready to join OUTT?

Find social care shifts that you control!

People Pay Payroll Benefits

If you’re not yet an Outter, we’d also like to take a moment to explain the pay system we use and the raft of bonus benefits it offers.

Everybody likes a perk, and we feel it’s a great way of showing our appreciation for our hardworking care workers – who often need a bit of pampering more than the next person!

Exclusively we offer multiple benefits, from 20% off high street shops to 2-for-1 restaurant dining and even 50% discounts on a luxury meal.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every time OUTT.com pays your wages, you earn points.
  • Collect those points as you go, and decide what to spend them on.
  • Use your credits to access your wages early, pay for a meal out, or take some quality time to yourself!

These fantastic benefits make OUTT.com employment a whole lot more than a way to earn higher wages.

One example is that you can get access to a free mortgage consultation with a market-leading provider specialising in contractor mortgages.

This service means being able to secure financing to purchase your first home or negotiate competitive rates, which banks are often reluctant to offer to contractor workers – even when they have years of employment consistency!

Another feature we’d like to highlight is Medicash Flex. After a year-long health crisis, we don’t need to reiterate how vital our health is to our quality of life, including mental and emotional wellbeing. You can also sign up for an annual healthcare plan at discounted rates, with cashback available on dentist treatments and optician appointments, among many others.

Whether you’re keen to improve your earnings, take back control of your career, invest some time in enhancing your professional qualifications, or just want to enjoy your job with all the advantages of these perks – OUTT.com offers a substantial amount of payroll benefits to make your money work harder for you.


i News Budget 2021 Feature

i News Budget 2021 Feature

OUTT.com was featured in the i news this week, with our thoughts on what we hope could be announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak in the 2021 budget. With IR35 implications also impacting social care in April 2021, this is a interesting year for funding conversations. 

Steve O’Brien, is the founder and chief executive of OUTT, a job portal that pairs social carers with care providers such as residential care homes, homelessness hostels and drug rehabilitation centres.

Mr O’Brien told i paper : “We have 600 care workers on our books and one of the biggest issues for them is pay. Increasing key worker pay in social care is something I hope the Chancellor will include in his Budget.

“I’d like to see Mr Sunak introduce key worker status for sections of employment, especially in social care, and allocate additional tax allowances to that status. In doing this, the pay rise would go directly to the key worker without the complication of funding social care. An increase in funding to social care – which is needed – will not necessarily equate to a pay rise.

“There are 120,000 social care vacancies in the UK and looking at unemployment figures, I’d like to see some encouragement for those recently out of work to retrain in social care roles – even if it’s a short-term stepping stone until the economy recovers. I’d like to see a provision for care apprenticeships. If we can get reassurance for funding and support for care, it could be a win-win.”
A further article was also posted as a reaction follow up to the budget, where disappointment was expressed that social care remained unacknowledged.


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