Stage 1 – Adding or updating your profile photo

We need a photo for your profile and for identity. Your profile is visible to employers when you apply for a shift or a job.

When you upload a photo, you can either take a new one or upload one from your files (maximum file size is 2mb).

Profile photo guidelines

The image you upload should:

  • be a recent colour photo
  • be of you alone (no other people or pets)
  • be taken against a pale background
  • show you facing forwards with your head and shoulders in the photograph (80% of the photograph should be your head and shoulders)
  • show your full face
  • be in the centre of the photograph
  • if you wear glasses, show your eyes clearly and avoid glare on the lenses

Please avoid the following:

  • you should not wear a hat or cover your head unless this is for religious reasons
  • do not wear sunglasses
  • do not submit a photo with red eye
  • do not submit a photo with other people visible
  • do not submit inappropriate or obscene images
  • do not submit a photo in which you have edited to alter your appearance or which has had a filter applied to it
  • do not submit an image of someone else or copyright protected images

upload photo faq