Stage 1 – Requesting references

Step 4, part 2 – Requesting a reference

References can be a time consuming process that delays people starting to work in social care.

Outt.com has developed a process where you can request the reference yourself from ex-employers, nurse professionals you have worked with and even character references from acquaintances.

references faq

  • Simply copy the unique link (this link is bespoke to you!) and send to your referee.
  • You can even click the email, SMS or Whatsapp buttons to help speed things up.
  • Employer references must come from verifiable sources and they will get a copy of the reference on email.
  • Also we will randomly check references during our compliance process.
  • The form (have a look yourself) will ask for basic information, including dates of employment. It should not take your referee more than a few minutes to complete.

Once submitted it will be automatically uploaded onto your confidential compliance file for approval by Outt.

reference faq1

reference faq 2